Since 1885, we are doing the same thing – Tailoring Premium Bespoke Suits.

Still, everyday we feel that we are doing something new. No, it’s not a memory loss or something! It’s the passion we have for the craft of making premium custom tailored suits for men. In 1885, New Wear Well, Fabrich’s sister company, kicked off the journey of tailoring premium bespoke suits for men. We are carrying forward that great legacy and now selling premium custom tailored men suits online.  Our forefathers loved the craft and the skill that suit-making process entails. They made men’s premium bespoke suits with great precision and passion, so much so that they used to remake the suit if they thought it’s not perfect.  Just as they had, we too have a passion for perfection and we love making the best custom tailored suits online for our prized customers.

India has an ageless tradition of producing the finest craftsmen that have peerless expertise in their work domain, particularly the art and craft that involves creative, exceptional “hand work.” One of the key factors for this peerless expertise is the fact that the craft and the trade passes on from generation to generation for hundreds and thousands of years. So it’s not a craft learned in 2, 5, or 10 years. It’s actually the juice of hundreds and hundreds of years of learning and experimenting, which passes on to the newer generation from the older one. The newer generation adds some more juice to it, and passes it on further. It goes on and on! And the result is an unmatched product that speaks for itself. Our first-rate, premium custom tailored suits for men are a result of the “same juice” that has been flowing for hundreds of years.

Not Just-Another Suit.

Fabrich’s premium bespoke suits online are laced with our undying passion to give you a perfect fit that you so richly deserve. The fabrics Fabrich uses for its premium custom tailored suits are the cream of the crop. These are the finest wool suits you will get to see. And the whole custom suits tailoring process is a tale in itself. There’s engrossing detail in how “each part of the suit” is worked on and stitched. No Fabrich suit is ever based on any template or a prototype. Fabrich’s each custom tailored suit is an impeccable, hand-crafted piece that goes through the same creative suit-making process and the same quality-check drills that we have been following for generations. And this process yields the same result every time. The Perfect Fit, Best Bespoke Suits!

As we keep saying – for us, it’s not “just another suit.” We live every moment of the suit making process, and we savor our unflinching commitment to give you a premium custom tailored suit that’s something more than a perfect fit. We give you a custom tailored suit that’s like a true companion. Yes, a suit that will be with you in all your moods and bucks you up to celebrate all the moments of your life.

World-Class Workshop & Equipment

Yes, the craft matters the most, the know-how is indispensable, the material is paramount. And equally imperative is the workshop and equipment employed to take the craftsmanship to another level. We have rightly invested in the first-rate equipment, machines, and the whole caboodle for the workshop where we breathe and live – bespoke suits! Based in India, our world-class workshop has the capacity to produce a large number of premium custom tailored suits every month. We work with a simple objective of giving you the best bespoke suits online at a price that you won’t mind.

Finest Tailors Stitch For You – The Best Custom Tailored Suits Online

At Fabrich your premium bespoke suits are stitched by some of the finest men tailors who have been tailoring the best bespoke suits since generations. This makes a difference. And it shows! Our master tailors have mastered the craft of stitching a “perfect fit suit”  every time.  You decide what style you want and customize your bespoke suits the way you like. And our tailoring team gives you exactly that. Remember, a bespoke suit is as good as the tailor who stitches it. And we have the best men suit tailors around to give you the perfect fitting best custom tailored suits. Surely, you will have more than a reason to fall in love with Fabrich’s best custom tailored suits online.

Fabrich suit tailors and designers are available for pre-ordering as well post-ordering advice and consultations. We encourage you to get in touch with our master tailors and designers to consult, discuss, and specify how you want your custom made suit to be. And they will ensure that you get a premium custom tailored suit that suits your style, fits you perfect, and lasts a lifetime.