How it works?

Choose Your Fabric

For us to tailor a perfect-fit, bespoke suit for you, just choose a fabric from a wide range of the world’s finest pure wool fabrics that we have in store. Our handpicked fabrics come from the world’s best brands. Over the years, we have used the best of the fabrics from all over the world. Before choosing a fabric, we ensure that it meets the highest standards we have in place to judge a fabric – based on the wool quality, the way it has been blended, and the durability in the real-life exposure. Our experts understand the fabrics inside out, and that helps us fetch only first-rate fabrics for your suits. After all, you deserve the best. So just see the exquisite range of fabrics in our shop, and pick the  one that you want for your bespoke suit.

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Customize Your Suit

Fabrich equips you with a whole host of suit-customization options to give you a custom tailored suit that ooze your style. Whether it’s the fit, jacket style, lapels, trousers’ pleats, waistcoat options, or pocket styles – just try the options on the sketched mannequin, and choose what you like. Your suit is stitched based on the suit customization options you pick. If there’s any option that you don’t see here, just drop a message on what other options you want on your suit. We will give you what you are looking for. Rest assured, you will get your style!

Get Yourself Measured

Its’ really easy. And you don’t need a tailor! Anyone in your family, or a friend can take your measurements by just watching our measurement videos, or by following the written instructions. It usually takes just 10 minutes, and it’s fun!

No worries if you don’t get the measurements 100% accurate. Our expert master tailors have years of experience, and they can easily gauge if something is really off. In that case, one of our experts will contact you to ensure that we have the correct measurements. You can be rest assured of getting a perfect fitting tailormade suit.

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Your Bespoke Suit Delivered

Once your bespoke custom tailored suit is ready, it has to go through the rigorous quality check processes we have in place. And then we pack and ship your suit. We engage the best shipping carriers like FedEx and DHL to ensure that your order reaches you fast and secure. We provide you with the Tracking ID for you to keep track of your order. You can just log into your Fabrich account and use the ID number to track your order.

We ship to most of the countries on Planet Earth. Sorry, we don’t yet ship to Sun, Moon, or Mars!