how to measure

how to take neck measurement

Measure around the lower part of your neck,placing a finger between the tape measure and the neck. You should not feel restricted by the tape for a comfortable fit, and should be able to put your index finger inside the tape.

how to take biceps measurement

Keep the measuring tape straight. Measure around your upper arm at the widest point when flexed leaving one finger of space to take the measure.

how to take chest measurement

Measure around the fullest part of the chest. The measuring tape is usually around the nipple level, under the armpits, and over your shoulder blades. Do not overinflate your chest but stand normally; you should be able to fit your index finger in between the tape and your chest.

how to take crossback measurement

Keep the measuring tape. Don’t hold it too tight or loose. Measure the length from nape of the neck to the hem.

how to take crotch measurement

Measure from the back of the waistband down to the crotch, and then up to the front of the waistband, to the point where the belt buckle would be (with the desired comfort and tightness). Measure from the top middle of the back pants waist all along the crotch seam through your legs until the top of front waist.

how to take hips measurement

Wearing trousers, measure around the fullest part of your hips, placing a finger between your body and the tape. Make sure the tape is straight at all times. Make sure your pockets are empty and the tape is not restrictive. As a guide, you should not make the tape too snug. You only just be able to feel the tape when measuring.

how to take jacket’s length measurement

Measure from the highest part of your shoulder (where shoulder and neck seams meet) all the way down to the desired length, usually around the thumb joint. When measuring, adopt an upright position with both arms on your sides.

how to take inseam measurement

Measure carefully from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg.  Please ensure that the tape is held tight along the inside of your leg.

how to take thigh measurement

Measure from the crotch point around the thigh. Hold one finger between your thigh and the cloth tape.

how to take shoulder measurement

Measure up over the curve of the shoulders, until the other shoulder seam meets the sleeve. The measuring tape should touch the lowest part of the shirt collar.

how to take sleeve’s length measurement

Place one end of the measuring tape where the shoulder seam meets the sleeve. Measure along the arm down to the point where the thumb webbing meets the hand.

how to take stomach measurement

Measure around the widest part of your abdomen, placing a finger between your body and the tape. Make sure the tape is at the same height at all times. The widest part of the abdomen usually coincides with the belly button. Do not hold your stomach in.

how to take trousers’ length measurement

Measure from the top of pants waist all along the side pant seam until the bottom of your pants or roughly 1 inch from the ground

how to take waist measurement

Put on your trousers (beltless) and measure around the waist, at the height where you want your pants to stay.

how to take knee measurement

Keep the measuring tape straight. Ensure that you don’t hold it loose. Keep the knee slightly flexed, and measure around the knee.